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...... presented by """

Thee Isometric Snakes

"Once the mass dhypmbia users were wiped into unreality, the secret priests globalised and began to vigorously supress any use of
this machinery to protect the masses; the more successful they became the more exposed to "voices" they were and as a result
they became a mirror of their desires.
Mostly this meant becoming physically irrational, violent, and in some cases morphing into
wild part human animals. there were as always exceptions - pure souls who became angelic beings performing miracoulous deeds. .."

( Paul Harwood, 2009 )


released September 9, 2014


'Conrad Vijay Singh' wrote the songs, sang and played guitars, melodica, flutes, horns, mellotron, percussion and gumbo variations.

'Drezz' recorded, mixed, played bass and worked the analogue magick.

'Sean Williams' brought life to the studio and knows very important things no-one else does!

'Lot Grundy de Courcier' played violin on "Sheeps Head Marginalia".

'Oliver Emmanuel' played drums on "qa1za1" and "the Gibbous Moon"

'Leon Ray Boyden' played bass on "Gibbous"

'Neil Edwards' played clarinet on "qa1za1".

'Anna the Other' sang on "Sheep's Head Marginalia".....

'Joe James' sang and played drumbo on "What is

Thanks to the saints Dave Atkins and Paul Harwood and all our friends and familiars.

Recorded onto Analogue Gear at the Tape Rooms, Bristol, UK 2010.

Artwork by Kahn & Selesnick.



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Qa1Za1
i am as round as the planet that borned me
i am as straight as the speaking horizon
i am the old sphere pulled into orbit
i am the long curve cast from the comet
i am the young globe hung from the tree bough
i am the arrow piercing the heartbrain

i am the new egg sat on your doorstep
i am the lightshaft bounced in the mirror
i am the big head looming and probus
i am the ladder that leads to your window
i am the eyeball i am the socket
i am the flagpole i am the rocket

i am the wheel of time and illusion
i am the blade that cuts up the moments
i am the whirlpool that swallowed the future
i am the edge of waking to dreaming
i am the black hole i am the red sun
i am the crack on the speaking horizon

i am the halo surrounding the streetlight
i am the pine tree high on the mountain
i am the seed that was sent from the deep space
i am the secret path down to the river
i am the island i am the ocean
i am the cloudmarch along the horizon
Track Name: The Gibbous Moon
she said "come on, let's go,,,"
i hide the pain in my legs
the blade was carving a mouth
the door was gushing with pride

we followed the cat with the bell
the owl was as loud as a plane
she grabbed ahold of the straps
i saw stars in the valley below

nothing was part of the plan
mysterious creatures emerged
the moon flung our shadows away
the magnets were drawing us closer

her breath dissolved in my blood
the moth turned into a crow
the way was shining beyond
she said " come on, let's go,,,"
Track Name: What is When
what is when
it's just another colour
like the same old heavenly colours that drop like bees tears

how is black
it's just another time
like when the moon's face fell off in the morning born red

when is space
it's just another feeling
like your gran driving by so fast to catch the sunset

she remembers
when the day was young
it was always red and the water like to flow both

up and down
in twisty little rivers that we built by hand

when the clock was born
and everybody sat around
smiling at the vegetables hoping they would grow mouths